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qLegal provides free legal advice, workshops and resources to tech-start up companies and entrepreneurs.


  • qLegal: 3D Printing and Intellectual Property Law: Key Considerations [PDF 154KB]
    This toolkit practically analyses the 3D printing of a car bonnet, whilst exploring the commercial impact of intellectual property rights on 3D printing.
  • qLegal: The Law and Revenge Porn (England and Wales) [PDF 206KB]
    This toolkit offers an overview of the controversial issue of revenge pornography and how it is currently dealt with by the law of England and Wales. It details how specific areas of the law, namely harassment, copyright and privacy attempt at providing a remedy for victims, while also pointing out their respective limitations. Furthermore, this toolkit also conducts an analysis of the recent Criminal Justice and Courts Act as it contains provisions to deal specifically with the issue of revenge pornography, and what these could mean both for victims and perpetrators in the future.
  • qLegal: Confidentiality Agreements Unraveled [PDF 412KB]
    The toolkit aims to illustrate the relevant and practical aspects of a confidentiality agreement. A confidentiality agreement provides a company/person with a legal contract which signifies that a confidential relationship exists between one or more parties.
  • qLegal: Confidentiality Explained [PDF 417KB]
    This toolkit is explains the notion of confidential information and its legal importance. It outlines the requirements for a duty of confidentiality to arise and lists the sources of UK law on confidentiality. Finally, the toolkit discusses non-disclosure agreements and cases of breach of confidence.
  • qLegal: Forgive and Forget? The Right to be Forgotten [PDF 629KB] 
    This toolkit aims to describe what the “right to be forgotten” is, outlines how an individual can exercise this right, and explains the wider implications this may have for individuals, the media and data controllers.
  • qLegal: Intellectual Property Rights [PDF 539KB]
    This toolkit  provides an overview of legal Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs). A short introduction sets out some basic definitions and the toolkit then explains different IPRs comparatively. The toolkit covers essential areas – namely what matter is protectable and practical considerations related to ownership
  • qLegal: Licensing IP [PDF 292KB]
    This toolkit covers the major aspects of Intellectual Property (IP) Licensing including the purpose and significance of IP Licensing and the key terms that need to be incorporated in an IP License agreement. It also explains the concept of FRAND licensing which is especially topical in the telecoms industry.
  • qLegal: Open Source and Licensing [PDF 155KB]
    This toolkit provides an overview of open source and different types licensing
  • qLegal: Patents Explained [PDF 549KB]
    Inventions can be incredibly valuable. However, an invention that is not protected can be used by others to their own advantage. This toolkit provides an outline of a provision for the protection of an invention: a patent.
  • qLegal: Trademarks in the UK [PDF 404KB]
    What are the advantages of registering a trademark? What can identify a trademark in order to obtain registration? Are there limits to registration of trademarks? What can be done and what type of protection is offered in case of trademark infringement? This short toolkit provides simple and quick answers to these and many other questions by explaining the principal legal meaning, implication and use of trademarks in UK.
  • qLegal: UK Company Structure [PDF 234KB]
    Why it is necessary to create a legal entity and structure for a business and what is important to remember when setting this up and starting a business?
  • qLegal: Working with others: Important Considerations [PDF 180KB]
    This toolkit considers some basic aspects of UK employment and intellectual property (IP) law, including issues relating to the employer/employee and employer/contractor relationship. The toolkits highlights some important matters to be taken into account by start-ups in hiring employees or assigning work to contractors and managing their IP portfolio.
  • qLegal: What are the key considerations in setting up a limited company in the UK? [PDF 214KB]
    This toolkit provides information on the key aspects you should consider when setting up a limited company in the UK.
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