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Olufolahan-Lubomir-OluwoleOlufolahan Lubomir Oluwole, Nigeria and the United-States, LLM in Banking and Finance Law

Olufolahan is currently working at Association for Financial Markets in Europe as an associate in the Equity Capital Markets and Corporate Finance Departments. Prior to participating in the programme, I worked for five years as a risk management consultant within a global consultancy firm.

I initially thought that most start-ups would put issues surrounding liability very high on their agenda. Working with qLegal, I found out that most early stage startups were more concerned about the legal steps necessary to turn their idea or concept into a reality.

My biggest takeaway was being able to put myself in the shoes of a start -up and understanding the legal concerns that most start-ups worry about.

I learnt a lot about intellectual property law, data protection law as well as company, payment-systems and consumer protection laws in the UK.

VaniaVania, LLM in Paris

Law students should be able to understand how the legal system works in everyday life, regardless of the professional path they wish to pursue.

qLegal is one of the most valuable learning experiences of law school as it facilitates the transition from legal theory to legal practice, encouraging you to practice what you have learned.

Through my experience as a qLegal adviser, I improved both my interview and research skills. Getting a holistic overview of the client’s issues took the longest time. I was also able to reflect on my skill set and development whilst maintaining the client relationship and undertaking the drafting process.

qLegal closely mimics responsibilities and pressures of the legal profession: I would say that being a student adviser can be the closest experience to working as a legal trainee.

Anais SymenouhAnais Symenouh, France, LLM in Banking and Finance

Anais has worked as a Financial legal adviser for Societe General Newedge in Paris for prime brokerage services. She is now a Financial Legal Counsel at chez REXEL.

My main reasons for applying to become a qLegal adviser were to gain an experience in UK law, have the opportunity to meet legal professionals and to meet other fellow students quickly,

qLegal requires time commitment, yet it is an interesting opportunity. Above what we learn and skills that are gained, it is an amazing opportunity to be aware of what is going on in the start-up sector, like new inventions and new ideas that are disruptive.

As you prepare for workshops and advice sessions you will also gain experience in working as part of a team. This is a valuable skill that will be useful through your career.

Cassio MosseCassio Mosse, Brazil, LLM in Intellectual Property Law

Cassio is a Senior associate in the IP department of MURAD PMA in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  

The training we received from qLegal was impressive. I definitely learnt how to be more precise and objective when drafting legal opinions in English.

But it is the presentations we delivered at the University of Oxford and inside London's Google Campus that were life changing for me. I was taken outside my comfort zone, presenting in a language which was not my mother tongue, to a very demanding audience.

Syed DiponSyed Dipon, Bangladesh, LLM in International Business Law

Syed has worked as a Date Privacy Analyst at Promontory Financial Group Ltd in London.  

He is currently a Senior Consultant at Ernest and Young Data Privacy Advisory practice.   

As an ICT lawyer from another jurisdiction, the qLegal programme was a very exciting opportunity for me to gain first-hand experience and exposure of the established technology sector in the UK.   

There is certainly a “feel good” factor in being able to help others grow their business, as well as working into teams and network with legal experts, including students specialised in various areas of the law.

Alina TrapovaAlina Trapova, Bulgaria, LLM in Intellectual Property Law 2015

Alina was a trainee at the Presidency of the European Union Intellectual Property Office’s Board of Appeal. She is now currently a PhD researcher at Bocconi University, Italy. Her area of research is on artificial intelligence and copyright ownership in creative output.

I have been training for over 10 months at the EUIPO’s Board of Appeal, but I am yet to personally meet clients for a face-to interview regarding their IP issues. Looking back, I am especially grateful to have been part of qLegal and for the unique opportunity to interview several clients.

The one thing I learnt is that situations are never black and white. Participating in qLegal definitely demonstrated to my current employer that I am able to relate to clients and see issues from their perspective.


Badar Al Raisi

Badar Saud Abdul Aziz Al Raisi, LLM International Business Law

I chose to apply for a role within qLegal because of the exciting and challenging opportunity to work with diverse clients within the technology sector. Through my experience as a qLegal adviser, I have been able to develop and apply my legal and commercial knowledge in practical matters and have been exposed to new areas of law.

The structured training organised for all qLegal advisers prepared me for my role, as well as the on-going support which was provided by everyone within qLegal, the Queen Mary Legal Advice Centre (LAC) and lawyers from partner firms who supervised advice sessions, toolkits and workshops. I have benefited from the guidance and feedback I received from my supervisors and the qLegal team.

My involvement with qLegal has both confirmed my chosen career route as a commercial solicitor, and has significantly boosted my confidence through my experience.

Anna Caruso

Anna Caruso, LLM Intellectual Property Law

I chose to apply to qLegal because it would be a great opportunity to gain extra work experience while helping entrepreneurs start up their businesses.

I have not been disappointed. As a student adviser, I particularly enjoyed the responsibility to interview clients and the opportunity to put into use the knowledge gained throughout my LLM. I believe the skills and experience I achieved will be extremely useful for my future applications for training contracts in London.

I would strongly recommend qLegal to future LLM candidates, especially those that have not yet practised law in their home countries or those that have never practiced in England and Wales.


Damola Layonu

Damola Layonu, LLM Computer and Communications Law

As a practicing lawyer from another jurisdiction, the qLegal programme was an opportunity that I felt I simply could not pass up. The experience of advising clients, though not new to me, is something that I relish, and qLegal surpassed my expectations in every regard. The cases were a mix of legal and commercial issues - a goldmine for any probing mind - and I received invaluable support from the programme’s supervisors.

My participation in the programme has undoubtedly sharpened my research, analytical and advisory skills, not to mention the cases were a great source of revision of my course material. I also made some very useful contacts in the legal and technology sector. qLegal is a must-do for any student looking to develop their skills and put into practice the theoretical learning from the LLM course. 


Damian Moran, LLM Computer and Communications Law

qLegal offered an ideal opportunity to meld academic theory with practical reality in the field I was most passionate about. Engaging with fellow students and seasoned practitioners helped me to understand what was required to meet the client's desired outcomes. The experience gave me a more rounded perspective of the legal challenges and commercial realities facing real businesses.


Andreas Parpas

Andreas Parpas, LLM Environmental Law

I participated in qLegal because I wanted to apply my legal knowledge to real-life legal problems of a commercial nature. The work for qLegal was very challenging and demanding. However, it was certainly instrumental to the development of my legal skills at a professional level. I believe that my participation in qLegal will facilitate my future entry into the legal profession.

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